KOL Cosmetics is a British beauty brand offering cosmetics for all women of colour including Afro-Caribbean, African, Eastern Asian, Southern Asian, Mediterranean, Latino and Native American. 

Our philosophy is giving women the confidence to love how they look and be who they are, whilst nourishing the mind. 

The brand offers cosmetics, which are are made from the finest natural ingredients and are suitable for all lifestyles and religions including vegan and Halal.

Founded by former editor of Pride Magazine, Marcia Degia, KOL Cosmetics offers both luxury 3D silk eyelashes and mineral powder foundations for women of colour. 

3d silk lashes

With 9 styles of natural-looking false eyelash strips that are handmade and 100% silk, KOL Cosmetics has something for everyone. Ranging from uber wispy to the wide-eye babydoll effect, it is a must have for all eyelash addicts! 

Luxury Natural- looking strip eyelashes, 3D Handmade 100% silk Eyelashes, lightweight and feathery with extra fine, soft fibres, Hypoallergenic, Animal Cruelty Free, Mult-use: upto 2o times if used with care
Made from the finest natural ingredients that are suitable for all lifestyles and religions, including vegan, gluten-free and Halal, KOL Cosmetics offers 20 shades of mineral powder foundations.

Specifically Formulated to suit true skin colour and undertone, Does not contain the oils, artifical colours, Non-comedogenic, Suitable for vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free and halal lifestyles, Richly pigmented, concealing imperfections for a flawless finish and choose from 15 shades to suit your skin colour and undertone

Mineral Powder Foundations

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