01.04.18 – Real Eyelashes Welcomes KOL Cosmetics’ Bid To Make Falsies Look Chic Again!

April 1, 2018
KOL False Eyelashes
KOL False Eyelashes

01.04.18 – Real Eyelashes Welcomes KOL Cosmetics’ Bid To Make Falsies Look Chic Again!

KOL Cosmetics launches natural-looking 3D luxury silk false eyelashes – yes, falsies that look like real eyelashes. They are handmade, lightweight and feathery for a natural, elegant look to lengthen and add fullness to existing lashes.

With 10 styles of the natural-looking false eyelash strips that are 100% silk, KOL Cosmetics has a look for everyone. Ranging from uber wispie (Winniefred) to creating the wide-eye baby doll effect (Celeste), it is a must have for all false eyelashes addicts!

Customers report that they feel more naturally beautiful when wearing KOL Eyelashes rather than acrylic lashes. KOL Eyelashes feel weightless and provide length and fullness. What’s more, the silk eyelashes can be used up to 20 times compared to synthetic lashes, which often have to be discarded after only one use.

CE1 - Sample Sale Silk False Eyelashes
Celeste Silk False Eyelashes

Key Features

  Luxury natural-looking strip eyelashes, 3D

  Handmade 100% silk eyelashes

  Lightweight & feathery with extra fine, soft fibres


  Animal Cruelty-Free

  Multi-use: up to 20 times if used with care

KOL Cosmetics is not only is a provider of premium quality eyelashes, but also provides lash accessories that includes eyelash curlers and lash applicators.

The price of a pair of KOL Eyelashes is £22. Lash accessories start at £7.99.

For additional information about false eyelashes or KOL Eyelashes visit www.kolcosmetics.com

About KOL Cosmetics

KOL Cosmetics offers luxury 3D silk eyelashes, lash accessories and mineral powder foundations for women of

colour. The office is based in London, UK.

Media Contact: Contact Ruben Stevens at ruben.stevens @kolcosmetics.com

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