June 15, 2018
AFRO HAIR & BEAUTY LIVE 2018 mineral powder
Photo: Ketishia Vaughan

What Is Mineral Powder?

Contrary to popular belief, the mineral powder is not just for women who suffer with skin conditions or lead certain lifestyles that dictates their cosmetics purchases such as vegan, gluten-free or Halal, it is the perfect alternative to conventional makeup for maintaining the health of the skin.

Furthermore, as well as being paraben-free, it helps to protect against harmful Ultra Violet rays due to the ingredients zinc oxide and titanium dioxide usually found in mineral foundation powders.

AFRO HAIR & BEAUTY LIVE 2018 mineral powder
Photo: Ketishia Vaughan

The main difference between mineral powders and their traditional counterparts is what is excluded in the natural makeup.

This includes harsh chemicals such as parabens, silicones, preservatives and fragrances which can cause skin irritation.

Mineral powders are truly the gift that keeps on giving. It also has anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial qualities that benefits those who suffer with skin problems.

What’s more, fine lines appear minimised due to the light-reflective particles in the product.

So what is mineral powder made of that makes it so unique? In simple terms, it is made with mineral ingredients such as titanium dioxide, iron oxide, zinc oxide and talc that are ground and milled, or micronised into small  particles to create makeup.

Of course not all mineral products are the same, with different products micronised to varying degrees. For example, the more that a product is micronised, the smaller the particles sit closer together thus providing full coverage. The larger the particles, the less coverage.

How To Choose A Mineral Powder?

The most important thing when it comes to selecting a mineral powder is to ascertain your undertone as well as choosing your shade for a true colour match.

There are five different undertones: Neutral, Warm, Gold, Beige and Olive.

Not all brands provide a large range of shades for women of colour so look for those, such as KOL Cosmetics mineral foundation powders which addresses both.

SHADES OF BEAUTY LIVE AFRO HAIR & BEAUTY LIVE 2018 - Mineral Foundation Powders
Photo: Ketishia Vaughan - Mineral Foundation Powders

Whether you suffer with sensitive skin, are vegan, Halal or simply seeking a natural product, it is important to read the ingredients on the packaging.

It should be noted that Halal and vegan products, such as KOL Cosmetics mineral powders have certain other requirements before it can be officially certified as such.

Avoid products that have any ingredients that are derived from parabens or other harsh chemicals in their formulas which serve to dry out the skin.

AFRO HAIR & BEAUTY LIVE 2018 mineral powder
Photo: Ketishia Vaughan
How To Apply Mineral Powder

The best method of applying mineral powders is with a a brush such as a kabuki brush or powder brush for all-over sheer coverage.

For a heavier application invest in a brush with a flat head that will allow you to aim at specific areas.

Visit KOL Cosmetics shop for mineral foundation powders which offers a wide range of shades and undertones for women of colour.

Photos: KOL Cosmetics Mineral Powders by Ketishia Vaughan IG:ketishv

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